• Kostas Konstantinidis

    Georgia Tech, USA

    Metagenome-based identification of the causative agent of foodborne diarrhea

  • Christopher Brewster

    Maastricht University, NLD

    Data standards, data sharing and Food Safety: Technical or social challenges?

  • Gianni Panagiotou

    University of Hong Kong, Hans Knoell Institute

    Shaping the Disease Microbiome with Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions

  • Tjakko Abee

    Wageningen University, NLD

    Diversity in substrate utilization capacity in Listeria monocytogenes: impact on transmission and virulence

  • Ross PaulAPC Microbiome, IRL

  • Robinson TobinEFSA, EU

  • Danilo Ercolini

    University of Naples Federico II, ITA

    Food and gut microbiome in a strain-level perspective