FoodMicro 2022 promotes Corporate Social Responsibility taking and supporting actions and initiatives which reflect our identity and sense of responsibility to society and people. Attendees will be active members in various activities and will have the satisfaction of the contribution to society and their fellow human beings.


Tailor-made Aid Box

You can donate unopened amenities by creating your own Aid Box, to be collected by the City of Athens Homeless Foundation in their bid to ease problems faced by people who, for whatever reason, are without shelter or whose home is unsafe and inadequate.



ANASA is the first non-profit company in Greece that was created with the aim of informing, preventing and treating people suffering from Eating Disorders.

It was founded in May 2007, by a specialized group of scientists, on the initiative of the actress Georgia-Zeta Doukas – who has experienced the disease and wanted to use her personal experience for the benefit of the sufferers and for the awareness of the wider society.



  • Create your own Tailor-made Aid Box for the City of Athens Homeless Foundation. It will be collected by the congress secretariat.
  • Donate to Anasa. See here.


No portion of food wasted

The partner catering company is one of the founding members of the “Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste”, supporting its action, advocating for the reduction of food waste, improving, and highlighting best practices in the field of mass catering. The “Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste” is a coordinated action of the state, market and society that is constantly expanding and gaining proliferative potential, while under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Additionally, the company cooperates with the Non-Profit Organization “Boroume” to reduce food waste and combat malnutrition in Greece. At the end of the event, unused food of high quality and nutritional value, preserved with all food hygiene rules, will be delivered to charitable organizations for distribution to social groups in need.



FoodMicro 2022 aims to minimize the environmental impact of the event and contribute towards a safe and healthy environment. Implements numerous measures, from the planning of the event to execution and from the moment you start looking into your travel arrangements until you are back from the conference. This congress aspires to bring about sustainable solutions, to act as an inspiration and to raise the level of both learning and awareness, that the positive impacts will outweigh the negative.


  • We select local suppliers to avoid long distance transport of goods and people
  • We avoid printing and aim for an almost paperless office
  • We offer contactless check-in for delegates and congress visitors
  • We select seasonal and regional food for the catering and order carefully to avoid food waste



  • Use public transport instead of a taxi when navigating through Athens
  • When using a taxi, you might think of sharing it with one of your fellow delegates



  • Only use the air conditioning if it is necessary
  • Turn off the lights and TV when leaving the room
  • Select the type and amount of food during meals sensibly to avoid food waste


During the Congress

  • Bring your own folding travel cup for coffee/tea to prevent takeaway cups
  • Bring your own bottle of water and refill it on the water stations provided
  • Only pick up printed marketing and information material that you are really interested in and that you will use
  • We suggest you download the congress mobile app